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Reflections on OKC CannaCon 

Reflections on OKC CannaCon 

Our team is still riding the highs from our time at Oklahoma City CannaCon this past month. Let me tell you about our most recent trip!

The energy was electric. After such a long period of time without public events, and especially cannabis trade shows, everyone was excited to get out, including us! We want to thank Oklahoma for all the enthusiasm and support from everyone who came to our booth to introduce themselves and learn more about, or tell us why they already love, TerpLoc®. Our team had an amazing time meeting with all the great people behind the businesses using Grove Bags for their cannabis in the Sooner state.

The Oklahoma cannabis marketplace lived up to the hype. It was a sight to see all the businesses and people the Oklahoma cannabis industry now supports. When I told people outside of the industry that I was going to OKC for a cannabis convention, most did not know that Oklahoma has a booming and robust cannabis market.As a first-timer to Oklahoma, even I was a little surprised by the size of the crowd passing joints around outside of the Oklahoma City Convention Center.

Outside of the convention, we were able to catch-up with our friends in Oklahoma. That includes a visit to our friend Giddy’s dispensary which is aptly named “Giddy’s Premium Cannabis.” Yes, the same Giddy Up who founded EmoTek Labs and co-created Live Resin. His dispensary is a must-visit for anyone in the OKC-area and is equipped with a beautiful mural of the man himself. I love being in a dispensary that doesn’t feel like an Apple Store or a pharmacy!

As our time in Oklahoma came to a close, we were proud to see our leader, CEO Jack Grover, tell our story and share why packaging selection is so impactful to the quality of cannabis. He also shared some insight into the most compelling branding we are seeing at retail.

What’s the point of packaging if the packaging doesn’t get the consumer excited? We’ve seen now throughout the industry an increasing interest in selling cannabis packaged around aesthetically pleasing, flexible designs. Why? Because customers are becoming more attracted to flexible packages equipped with huge graphics, and these are the designs that spark consumer interest and curiosity at the dispensary.

We’ve observed the successes of our own partners and from industry gold standards like Jungle Boys, Cookies, and Wonderbrett, who have all uniquely found ways to use their packaging as a canvas to attract customers and become iconic brands in cannabis. If you want to stand out, your packaging is your big chance. 

While regulation fragmentation remains a hurdle for the industry, the future is unquestionably bright for the world of cannabis, and especially cannabis flower. 

We’re excited for the chance to continue sharing our technology and growing with the incredible folks we met at CannaCon. 

Thank you, Oklahoma!

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