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5 Best Online Seed Banks 2021

5 Best Online Seed Banks 2021

By: Max Bleich


If you plant them, they will grow. It may not have the same tear-jerking impact as that famous moment in Field of Dreams, but in the same way Kevin Costner stole our hearts in that late 80s classic, so too do the many online seed banks building it so that we may come and purchase some seeds from their online stores. 


The following list is a collection of the 5 best online seed banks of 2021 so far, curated through the green thumb of the Grove Bags’ marketing team. Grow on, growers. 


Feminized vs. Autoflower Seeds


First time buying seeds? No pressure! We got you covered. When combing through the following online seed banks (or any seed bank, for that matter), you will unquestionably be tasked with choosing between feminized and autoflowering seeds. 


Why does it matter whether seeds are feminized, you ask? Simply, feminized seeds ensure that only female cannabis plants will be grown. Female cannabis plants being the majority lends to higher yields and ultimately, a faster and often less expensive cultivation process, as these can be cloned. 


Alternatively, autoflowering seeds tend to yield smaller plants, which are ideal for space-limited grow operations. Unlike feminized seeds, however, an autoflowering method may yield male plants and prevent opportunities for cloning, limiting the potential overall yield for the grower, and leading to potentially higher investments necessary in the future. 


Because of these factors, many growers have opted into feminized seeds as the preferred standard, although we recognize this will not be the case for all growers. 


(1) ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana)



ILGM is well-known and agreed to be one of, if not the most reputable seed banks in the industry today. Assuming you’ve got extra cash to spend, ILGM will deliver a high germination rate (rated at 100% and well reviewed by customers) and be sure to yield the highest quality product. Alongside a slew of typical payment options accepted by ILGM, the site also accepts Bitcoin, which automatically results in a 10% discount, for all of you GPU hoarding, cannabis growing cryptominers out there. Afraid of buying duds? Don’t be! ILGM takes their 100% germination rate very seriously and, to accommodate possible misgivings, has a money back guarantee. 


(2) Seedsman



If you’re after every possible seed available in the U.S. right now, Seedsman is your seed man, man. Variety and organization are this seed bank’s best qualities making it a great option for the grower seeking all varieties of seeds. Thanks to a super helpful index of the breeders the site has available, as well as a distinguishable catalog of medicinally-focused products, Seedsman is an excellent resource for researching possible seeds. We found that customers online appreciate the company’s loyalty program, in addition to the discrete packaging sent to their doors. 


(3) Heavily Connected Seed Bank



When shopping for seeds, it helps to have an intuitive and attractive website to navigate before making a purchasing decision (not to mention the sheer frustration of browsing for seeds on a clunky old ecommerce geezer from the mid-2010s). Heavily Connected is not only connected to the desire for simplicity and elegance in the purchasing process, but to the needs of customers looking for high quality buds. With guaranteed high-quality genetics, a wide array of products, and some pretty dope merch, Heavily Connected is a highly recommended choice for your seedy plans.


(4) Crop King Seeds



If you’re looking for a seed bank with clear “crown” reviews on every product before wasting your time and clicking on a less-than-amazing crop, Crop King Seeds is definitely the best online seed bank for you. For our beloved customers outside the states, the Canadian-based Crop King Seeds is a master of global shipping, which becomes especially handy in today’s global cannabis market. In terms of pricing, the Crop King says, “let them plant seeds!” and as a result, prices are, as Larry David would say, “pretty, pretty, pretty good.”


(5) Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS)



When buying seeds for yourself or your business, it’s important to have solid customer service available should you need quick help with an order or should something go wrong. Luckily, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS) offers 24/7 customer service and comes with a high satisfaction rate among their customers who have collectively purchased over a hundred thousand cannabis seeds. With a long history of seed selling going back to 1996, AMS conveniently includes helpful resources on how to grow for newbies and offers free stealth shipping worldwide on all orders. With a fairly extensive list of seeds and great educational resources available, AMS is the best place to go for the new grower.

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