Avoiding Static When Storing Cannabis

Commonly used packaging options like plastic bags & plastic pop top containers  are fine for storing your food to eat later in your day, but it’s definitely a bad choice when it comes to storing weed. One of the major no-no’s when it comes to storing your flower is statically charged packaging that destroys its trichome profile!

Why does static affect cannabis flower?

The terpenes on cannabis flower are extremely fragile, making it key to store them inside packaging that preserves the medicinal quality of cannabis’s trichomes.

Plastic cannabis packaging often has a static charge that can attract trichomes, which contain THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. The more trichomes stuck to the bag, the less medicinal quality will remain in your plant medicine.

Even in light of the degrading effect of this type of packaging, it is still the preferred container for unlicensed dealers that leave products dried up & brittle in just a month of time. The plastic jars you get from dispensaries aren’t much better. According to Thrillist, their “static charge can fry succulent trichomes,” which carry a great deal of THC, the psychoactive chemical in cannabis flower.

Why Should You Care About Static Packaging? 

Although a bolt of lightning is a much more visual demonstration of this static electricity at work, we also tend to think of static electricity coming from rubbing things. If static electricity is produced near cannabis it will attract the trichomes. That is why it is usually recommended that cannabis not be stored in plastic bags, since any static electricity will make the cannabis less potent.

Trichomes are where high concentrations of your cannabinoids and terpenes reside. Therefore, when your bud comes under the siege of static in a plastic bag or plastic containers like a pill bottle, your weed risks losing some of its kick.

What’s the Static Solution to Cannabis Packaging?

Anti-Static Packaging!

Grab yourself a few anti-static bags and begin storing your cannabis product in those. You’ll not only notice that your flower is less likely to turn brittle and dry out, but you will also notice better flavor and a more potent terpene profile.

While many focus on the goodness inside more so than the container it came in, know that the vessel in which your flower is sold and stored matters very much. 

Ultimately, TerpLoc is the solution to this problem. The Anti-static benefit is just one of several attributes that will allow you to store flower in it as long as you like.