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Business of Cannabis: A Paragraphic Documentary


Grove Bags is a proud sponsor of the latest PARAGRAPHIC documentary; Business of Cannabis. This phenomenal documentary was filmed in 2022 over five days of Weed Week in Las Vegas. A time when industry leaders come together to attend the MJBiz Convention, and networking events.

The crew caught up with several thought leaders from the cannabis community. The end-goal being to share a glimpse into the reality behind the fastest growing industry in the world. And it’s not all easy money and fun times the viewer will learn as the stories unfold from multiple interviews.

Fittingly, this documentary was set to be released on 4/20/23. This official community holiday for cannabis, once only familiar in the states, now known around the globe as legalization spreads across the lands like wildfire. Grove Bags will continue to support in telling the story of our community’s struggles and successes as we move forward to one day free the plant, and ultimately free the people from prohibition.


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