Case Study: Rair Systems

Introducing Customers to Fresher, More Consistent Cannabis

How do you keep cannabis flower fresh from the point of harvest to the moment a customer opens it at home? Grove Bags spoke with Rair Systems, a Michigan aeroponic cannabis company, about how launching with TerpLoc® technology allowed them to share fresh, consistent cannabis with their customers from the very first pull-down.



Rair Systems wanted to find a solution for the downsides of burping cannabis. This time-consuming and frictive process can reduce the size and weight of cannabis flower, often resulting in lower quality, lower value shake. Rair also wanted to account for how much the cannabis curing process can differ from state to state, and even among the same strains, thanks to geographic variations in humidity and seasonal weather shifts. The company was able to rapidly scale as a result of its early adoption of Grove Bags’ TerpLoc® technology.



Improving Quality, Consistency and Efficiency with TerpLoc®

Launching with Grove Bag’s TerpLoc® technology at different points in their post-harvest process not only ensured consistent product quality from launch, but it also reduced labor costs. By spending less time burping bags of cannabis, Rair’s cultivation team was able to focus on other critical aspects of the grow and post-harvest process.

Grove Bags TerpLoc®  Packaging Solutions has given Rair more flexibility in regards to when they release new strains or different types of cannabis products, improving their response to changes in the Michigan market and supply chain conditions. 

“We are on our own timeline, not on the cannabis degradation timeline,” explains Rair Cultivation Director Ashley Hubbard. 

In addition to using Grove’s TerpLoc® Wickets during post-harvest to provide a burp-free cure, Rair also used TerpLoc® POS packaging that both maintains ideal freshness during delivery and retail, through to the point of consumer use.


“This allows us to be able to accurately capture our products’ terpene profiles and tell our story from the moment that the customer first interacts with Rair cannabis,” said Hubbard. 

Rair believes that fresh flower and proper terpene education create a better consumption experience, improve customer satisfaction and increase brand loyalty. Grove’s TerpLoc® technology supports that educational value-add as more canna-curious customers make the leap and visit dispensaries for the first time. Rair sees its consistently well-cured product as an opportunity to teach consumers just how good cannabis can be from the minute they open Grove Bags TerpLoc® packaging.