How to Extend the Shelf Life of Cannabis

how to store cannabis

Cannabis is readily available in today’s increasingly legal and destigmatized market, which means…well, more weed. Cultivators are producing more, consumers are buying more, and as a result, dispensaries are required to be fully stocked and diverse in their offerings at all times. With growers working overtime to ensure retail shelves remain flush with supplies, the […]

Weed Measurements: A Visual Guide to Cannabis Quantities

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Cannabis purchases have come a long way from copping a lid or dime bag. With less of a need for discretion comes a lot more freedom in how weed is bought and sold, and cannabis consumers have tons of options from which to choose. Cannabis quantities are measured by the metric system—one of the only […]

How to Store Weed the Right Way 

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Cultivators, distributors, brands, and dispensaries are carefully preparing cannabis products for the shelves, but even the best bud will be worthless if a business does not know how to store weed properly. When it comes to the preservation of cannabis, professionals face a slew of factors that must be considered.  Airflow, light exposure, temperature, humidity, […]

The Best Tips for How to Store Cannabis Concentrates

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Storing Cannabis Concentrates | How-to Cannabis concentrates are super potent and exciting for many users. They have also been gaining a lot of traction in the medical world because they contain high doses of THC or CBD. However, how to store cannabis concentrates so that they remain as potent can be challenging. Nothing is quite […]

Cannabis Humidity Control Is Vital For Quality Buds and Here’s Why

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The Importance of Cannabis Humidity Control from Cultivation to Consumption Ever wonder what cannabis humidity control has to do with the delicious aroma of your favorite strain? From the cultivation of your canopy to consumption,  accurate cannabis humidity levels has everything to do with it. When you open a jar of gorgeous White Tahoe Cookies […]