Behind the Bag: RiverRun Gardens

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This Massachusetts Brand Maintains OG Weed Culture in a Growing Legal Region The adult-use cannabis industry has exploded in Massachusetts since it first rolled out in 2018, the state’s market has become quickly inundated with brands trying to get a piece of the cannabis-infused pie. This oversaturation follows a nationwide trend that has taken hold […]

Behind the Bag: Humboldt Family Farms

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Humboldt Family Farms: The Craft Platform That Tells The Cannabis Farmer Story Today’s legal cannabis industry owes its ever-expanding success to legacy operators: those who fearlessly built the market in the shadows, despite decades of fierce, unjust prohibition. But instead of giving thanks, a bulk of the legal market is intent on moving the legacy […]

Behind the Bag | Tioga Green

Tioga Green Brings Plant-Based Benefits to Yosemite’s Local Community Adult-use cannabis has made incredible legalization strides throughout the past few years, and while this means much more freedom and acceptance for the recreational consumer, the market’s medical patients have consequently taken a bit of a backseat.  More operators are focused on selling points that speak […]

Business of Cannabis: A Paragraphic Documentary

  Grove Bags is a proud sponsor of the latest PARAGRAPHIC documentary; Business of Cannabis. This phenomenal documentary was filmed in 2022 over five days of Weed Week in Las Vegas. A time when industry leaders come together to attend the MJBiz Convention, and networking events. The crew caught up with several thought leaders from […]

The Cannabis Outlaws That Made the Culture

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The Cannabis Outlaws That Made the Culture You’ve seen them act, you’ve heard them sing, they’ve made you laugh, but most importantly– you’ve watched them puff. These are the ‘Cannabis Outlaws’ that defied the social norms of their time to build a better future for cannabis. These valiant men and women braved the wilderness, fighting […]

Cannabis Conversations: News of the Week February 22nd

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Cannabis Conversations: News of the Week February 22nd No Power, No Grow Lights: Growers in Texas, Oklahoma, and other States Recover From Power Outage. The past week has been a difficult one for many across the United States, as millions have been impacted by weather-related power outages. The combined loss of life, property, and sense […]

Grove Bags Partners Up for a Purpose

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Grove Bags Partners Up for a Purpose At Grove Bags, our commitment to uplifting our community informs everything we do as a company. All of our bags are made in America because we believe in American manufacturing and have seen, first-hand as residents of Cleveland, the devastation to local economies caused by American companies moving […]

New in 2021: Creator Collaborations

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New in 2021 Creator Collaborations The way we store our cannabis says something about us, whether we like it or not. Even I admit that I make judgments about friends when they show me their flower. You’ve got your Ziploc fanatics, the mason jar junkie, potentially a pill bottle storer, and, of course, your Grove […]

Grove Bags Best Cannabis Gifts of 2020

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Grove Bags Best Cannabis Gifts of 2020 The holiday season is here! Nothing says you care about your friends or family members like gifting them cannabis and cannabis accessories. Here we will be discussing the best of cannabis in 2020: flower, concentrates, edibles, tech, and accessories for the best cannabis experience. Whether you’re lighting your […]