For dispensaries, moisture loss is a familiar problem across legal cannabis markets. Humidity packs are costly, and product degradation is brand damaging. Grove Bags Terploc® technology was designed to solve that pain point, so moisture and profits stop evaporating from your packaging and your customers enjoy the exact same weight, freshness, & potency as the moment it was packed.


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Grove Bags Terploc® makes overfilling a problem of the past with the ability to package the exact amount of product, increasing inventory levels and margins.

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Take Advantage of Our Design Team

Making a strong visual impact on the shelf is becoming increasingly important. Let our in-house design team help get your brand image off the ground with everything from packaging design to logo creation.

Recommended Dispensary Products

For dispensaries, we recommend our Grove Bags TerpLoc® pouches and Kraft Bags for enhanced branding opportunities. They are the ideal option for taking your residual branding to the next level while still remaining compliant with state laws.

  • Pouches

TerpLoc 2 Ounce Greeting – Standard White – Single
TerpLoc 2 Ounce Greeting – Standard Black – Single
TerpLoc 2 Ounce Greeting – 420 – Single
1 Oz Custom – Full Print Sticker Bag
1/2 Oz Custom – Full Print Sticker Bag
1/4 Oz Custom – Full Print Sticker Bag
1/8th Oz Custom – Full Print Sticker Bag
Mossy Giant Custom TerpLoc® Bag – The Hippie
TerpLoc 1 Ounce Home Decor Series – Child Resistant Pouch – Bauhaus – Single
TerpLoc 1 Ounce Home Decor Series – Child Resistant Pouch – Bauhaus – Single
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Our Bags Retain Up To 37% More Terpenoids And 7% More Cannabinoids Than Traditional Packaging.

Want proof? Check out our 3rd party study to see the results yourself!

Quality Design

All the benefits of TerpLoc film are also available in a kraft paper finish that gives off an “All Natural” feel and increased compliance in states with strict opacity laws.

High Performance

Grove Bags are designed around cannabis physiology to maintain weight, prevent mold, and preserve the terpene profile.

Frequently Asked Dispensaries Questions

Our entire product line if fully customizable with options ranging from viewing windows and custom designs to bag textures. We work with our customers to design packaging that meets all regulations while providing a unique brand identity in the marketplace. All custom order minimums are set at 25,000 bags.
Our standard pouch line is certified single use child resistant packaging with the top having been heat sealed and containing NO tear notch. We also provide a line of multiple use child resistant packaging for regions that have this requirement.

All stock product order minimums are one case:

  • 1 lb Pouch – 100/case
  • ¼ lb Pouch – 250/case
  • 1 gram-1 oz Pouches – 1000/case
  • 5-gallon Wicket – 500/case
  • 27-gallon Wicket – 500/case
  • 27-gallon Liner – 50/case
  • 55-gallon Liner – 50/case

Custom Order MOQ:

  • 1 lb Pouch – 10,000 (100 cases)
  • ¼ lb Pouch – 10,000 (25 cases)
  • 1 gram-1 oz Pouches – 25,000 (25 cases)
  • 5-gallon Wicket – 50,000 (100 cases)
  • 27-gallon Wicket – 25,000 (50 cases)
  • 27-gallon Liner – 15,000 (300 cases)
  • 55-gallon Liner – 10,000 (200 cases)

We currently have packaging solutions for cannabis, hemp, concentrates, edibles, and seeds. Continuing to innovate with our clients we have been working on a number of new product offerings to address the topical, pre-roll and viscous concentrate market.

8 to 12 months of viable shelf life without losing critical levels of weight, terpenes or cannabinoids.

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