1. Do you need a Heat Sealer? (EP1)

2. Is it better to leave some air in the bags or should it try to take as much out? (EP1)

3. My only question is…will the bag lose effectiveness after a while? Are these things good for a certain amount of time? (EP1)

4. What makes these bags so special? (EP2)

5. So how does the water [activity] level and the 10-12% relate to us getting it to 55-63%? (EP2)

6. Once heat sealed, what’s the best way to store? How long can I expect to save before the cannabis degrades? (EP2)

7. Are you supposed to dry and cure in the grove bags? Or only cure in them? I’ve been curious about there use. (EP3)

8. What’s the difference between these (glassless bags) and the other bags?  (EP3)

9. So many of my followers are really in love with your stuff. Gonna have to get some and try it out! Can they be used over and over and over? (EP4)

10. If so what do you think would be the max [Storage length of cannabis in Grove bags] in decent temp and RH conditions? Six months? (EP4)

11. Grove Bags? What is their purpose? (EP4)

12. What is DOOAHU? (EP5)

13. I see a humidity pack in one of these but I thought these bags eliminated the need for those? (EP6)

14. How does TerpLoc® work? Part 1 (EP7)

15. What are the different Zippers Grove Bags offer? (EP8)

16. How TerpLoc®’s Passive Modified Atomspheric Packaging works? (EP9)

17. How does TerpLoc@ help with terpene Polymerization? (EP10)

18. Can you see the difference between buds stored in TerpLoc® vs competitors? (EP11)

19. What are the different types of Trichomes and how TerpLoc® helps develop and preserve them? (EP12)

20. Why you should heat seal a Grove Bag? (EP13)

21. How does it prevent mold at the center of the pack?

22. Would 11% moisture content normally be achieved after hanging for 10-14 days.

23. Should I squeeze excess air out? Or just close and seal?