Wheelhouse Cannabis—a Chippewa County, Michigan producer of cannabis flower and extracts—solved several pain points once it started using Grove Bags TerpLoc® Packaging. Wheelhouse implemented TerpLoc® Solutions into their cultivation and harvest processing workflows, which resulted in lower labor costs, reduced time spent logging weights, and improved product quality achieved through greater moisture control during the pull-down, curing and wholesale storage processes.


Wheelhouse Cannabis sought to reduce trichome loss during pull-down, while improving moisture control and logging product weights for the finished wholesale product more consistently. The company also wanted to cure cannabis more consistently between operations in states with two very different climates—Michigan and Colorado. Grove Bags’ TerpLoc® Wicket Bags, Bin Liners and Custom 1LB Wholesale Pouches helped streamline Wheelhouse’s operations while maintaining product quality from harvest to their retail partners’ shelves.


Increasing Consistency with Grove Bags TerpLoc®

Using TerpLoc® Bin Liners gave Wheelhouse more options for drying their pull-downs before transferring them to TerpLoc® Wicket Bags for curing. Not only do the liners preserve the weight of Wheelhouse’s buds by preventing excess moisture loss, they also made it easier to weigh the product accurately due to the liners’ consistent dimensions. Additionally, weight measurements are more precise with TerpLoc®’s ability to maintain less than 1% moisture loss. That means the post-harvest processing team takes less time to reweigh their wholesale product increments, ultimately reducing labor costs. 

This has been important for Wheelhouse’s ambitions to scale. Grove Bags TerpLoc® Solutions can be implemented without significant increases in labor or overhead costs as company footprints expand. The reduced friction and static cling of Grove Bags’ Anti-Static Liners and Wickets, compared to more traditional containers used during the pull-down and curing process, have also improved quality retention from harvest.

“TerpLoc® Bin Liners, TerpLoc® Wicket bags and our brand’s Custom TerpLoc® Wholesale Pouch have been an integral part of our process; the TerpLoc® Solutions seem like second nature at this point,” explained Aaron Krzycki, Lead Trim Manager at Wheelhouse Cannabis. “It gives the team peace of mind to know that our margins aren’t evaporating out of the bag during the cure process, nor are the strains’ terpene profiles being degraded. Customers at the end of the supply chain get to experience quality cannabis as close to the post-harvest peak as possible.”