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Grove Bags Best Cannabis Gifts of 2020

Grove Bags Best Cannabis Gifts of 2020

The holiday season is here! Nothing says you care about your friends or family members like gifting them cannabis and cannabis accessories. Here we will be discussing the best of cannabis in 2020: flower, concentrates, edibles, tech, and accessories for the best cannabis experience. Whether you’re lighting your menorah or decorating a tree, these gifts will be sure to bring the best high to the holidays.

2020 has been an extremely exciting year for cannabis legalization and innovation. While there are so many ways to use cannabis, there’s nothing like some old fashioned, reliable flower. 

Runtz OG was named Leafly’s strain of the year and for good reason. This delicious, fruity strain is aptly named for its sweet aroma and flavor, delivering a euphoric and energizing high that melts away stress and helps curb anxiety. With its long-lasting effects and dense buds, it’s obvious to see why so many cannabis aficionados prefer this sativa hybrid developed and cultivated by our friends at Cookies. 

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Make Your Own Edibles!

For anyone staying at home for the holidays and looking for a fun adult activity to pass the time, the Magical Butter Machine will help you to transform your cannabis into something delicious. The butter machine magically makes butter from raw cannabis. It extracts botanicals with its programmable thermostat to infuse your cannabis with butter, RSO oil, tinctures, or even soaps. 

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For the Smelly Smoker

Looking for a way to tell someone their bud is a little too loud? Smoke Buddy is a small personal filter that keeps the smoke to yourself. In situations where discretion is a must, the Smoke Buddy is your pal. Sometimes, though, a personal smoke filtration device isn’t enough to get the job done. Smoke Odor Exterminator candles and sprays smell great and eliminate odor specifically caused by using cannabis. Whether you’re looking to keep your home smelling more like the holidays and less like a 420 celebration, or you know someone who needs a great scent, the Smoke Buddy and the Smoke Odor Exterminator offerings are great gifts for any cannabis fan. 

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Buy Smoke Odor Candles and Sprays:

For the Smoker Who Keeps It Clean

Nobody likes smoking out of a dirty piece. Keep your bongs, pipes, and vapes clean with Zen pipe cleaners, which feature bristles to get in those dirty places nothing else could. For dabbers looking to keep their quartz buckets clean, Glob Mops XL are the perfect solution. For the bong smoker who can’t seem to find isopropyl alcohol due to the pandemic, Formula 420 will clean your piece quickly and effectively, getting those hard-to-reach resin deposits scrubbed clean. Too much wax built up in your rig? Never fear! Formula 710 does the job of Formula 420, but for wax-stained pieces. 

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Buy Formula 420/710:

For the Outdoor Vaper

If you enjoy using a Pax Era or basically any 510-threaded pen style cartridge vaporizer, you know how easy it is to lose your device when outside in the cold and snow. Thanks to the Puff Gloves, this is no longer a concern! A tight elastic pouch in each glove gives your cannabis vape a perfect spot to stay warm and accessible in the coming winter days so you never have to worry about losing your vape again. 

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Flower Vaporizers

Vaping cannabis is a great way to get the most out of your material, allowing for a full-spectrum experience that is often lost when combusting flower at high temperatures. This means you get the full effects of your weed while also tasting it the way it is meant to be tasted, without a burnt flavor. Vaporizing both preserves your bud and allows for a secondary use case for leftover AVB (already vaped bud) to be used in making a wide array of edibles. Additionally, variable temperature settings in most vapes allows you an opportunity to control your experience.

There are few herbal vaporizers that are both powerful and discrete, but the Pax 3 manages to excel in both while looking more like an iPod than a cannabis vape. The Pax 3 heats up in under 30 seconds, comes with a 10-year warranty (and excellent customer service in the rare chance you need to use it), the ability to use flower and concentrates, connect to your phone or computer for temperature adjustment, multiple mouthpieces tailored to user preference, a wireless charger, tools for packing and cleaning, and extra screens.  Overall, the Pax 3 is a great bargain for casual cannabis users and pros with its ideal design, included accessories, and versatility. Strapped for cash this year? The Pax 2 features the same sleek design and charging capabilities of the Pax 3, but is designed exclusively for dry herb use, has slower heat up time, and is backed by a 2-year warranty. 

Buy Pax 3:

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Buy G-Pen Dash:

Concentrate Vaporizer: Dipper Vaporizer from Dip Devices 

Vaporizing concentrates is especially enjoyable as an alternative to traditional and bulky methods such as using a dab rig with a temperature gun, a torch, and a ton of cleaning supplies to keep your concentrate nail clean. Often, devices for taking dabs on the go are in a pen style and are extremely portable, yet sometimes fail to deliver that hit we are looking for. Not the case with Dip Devices Dipper Vaporizer! Our favorite part is the Quartz Crystal Atomizer.

Papers for Every Roller

Rolling is an art form, and one cannot simply use some run-of-the-mill papers or their parents Job Golds. While we always recommend classic RAW papers, it’s hard not to mention the year-old Vibes Papers from rapper and influencer Berner. These papers come in three styles: ultra-thin, rice, or hemp, and are perfect for assembling a joint menorah or filling those stockings with something for Santa to relax on his sleigh ride back home. 

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For the Reader

Ever wonder what strain you’re using? Interested in the origins of your buds? Green: A Pocket Guide to Pot by Dan Michaels and Erik Christiansen is an incredibly useful guide to hundreds of strains, including large and detailed pictures, lineage information, their common effects, and top medicinal uses. For the cannabis aficionado or the cannabis curious, Green is a great way to learn more about the many strains available today, as well as key weed knowledge. 

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While some folks may enjoy picking their cannabis apart bud by bud, others don’t want to spend the time and are looking for a fluffy, even grind. The Cali Crusher Homegrown is a 4-piece grinder with specially designed medical grade anodized aerospace aluminum threads that deliver a quality grind every time, without the worry of jamming the grinder. Every Cali Crusher Homegrown is made in San Diego, California and comes with a lifetime warranty. For the best possible grinding experience, we recommend the Cali Crusher Homegrown, and for the best experience ballin’ on a budget, we recommend the Cali Crusher OG. 

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Buy OG:

Cool Smoking Accessories

If you’re not exactly sure what to get your stoner friends and family, KushKards has an extensive collection of cannabis-themed gifts for any occasion, including stoner stocking sets, candy cane one-hitters, and special Tommy Chong holiday cards!

Check them out here:

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