Grove Bags Partners Up for a Purpose

At Grove Bags, our commitment to uplifting our community informs everything we do as a company. All of our bags are made in America because we believe in American manufacturing and have seen, first-hand as residents of Cleveland, the devastation to local economies caused by American companies moving their operations overseas. While this costs us more money in production cost, we believe that it is absolutely necessary for our customers who deserve a safe product produced with the highest standard of manufacturing integrity and to support the livelihood of our neighbors. Still, we can do more, and we will do more to uplift our community by giving back. That is why we are absolutely thrilled to announce our partnership with a charity whose mission we wholeheartedly support, the Last Prisoner Project.

For us, it is a no-brainer. As a company operating in the newly legal cannabis space, we have an obligation to fight to make sure every single person incarcerated for a cannabis offense is finally set free. Last Prisoner Project is an organization whose mission we have long admired and supported. LPP’s enduring commitment to fighting against the mass incarceration of people for cannabis offenses is nothing short of incredible, having recently secured the release of Michael Thompson from prison, after an unfathomably unjust 25 years served in a Michigan jail cell for charges stemming from a single cannabis transaction.

In the first of many joint efforts to combat incarceration for “drug” offenses, Grove Bags will be releasing special, limited edition Last Prisoner Project bags. All proceeds from purchases of LPP x Grove Bags pouches will be given to the Last Prisoner Project so that they may continue to fight to erase the unjust vestiges of the War on Drugs. For the first run of co-branded bags, our customers will be able to show their support for Grove Bags, the Last Prisoner Project, and charitable causes by purchasing these brand new designs in our 1/4 pound size!

We love how the design came out (picture below!), and, if you don’t have a 1/4 pound of flower to store, you will be happy to know that there will be additional runs of LPP x Grove Bags pouches in smaller sizes. Please join us in supporting a wonderful cause.

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