What Last Year’s Hemp Season Taught Us

This past hemp season saw a huge influx of hemp farmers, and thus an oversupply of hemp. Farmers who have not grown or processed hemp before definitely took a hit, leaving many farmers stuck with product that they had no idea how to take care of or sell. Don’t make the same mistakes you made last year. With so much competition in this new industry, we’ve put together our best advice on how to prepare for hemp season.

Hemp Season Prep Tip #1: Check your water supply.

Make sure you have enough water! Last season, some farmers ran out of water on their property while others got tied up in water rights. Make sure you don’t have a situation where you can only use a certain amount of gallons per year.

Hemp Season Prep Tip #2: Know your seeds.

Do you research when buying genetics. Ask for multiple lab reports as these can be faked easily. Identify the source of the seeds and ask breeding questions. Do not blindly trust anyone when buying your genetics!

Run a phenohunt with your seeds and select elites to use as mothers for the future. This will create uniformity in your fields. The variation that comes from growing from seed will mean your field will have different potency, structures, and flowering times.


Hemp Season Prep Tip #3: Use proper harvest techniques.

Bring in someone who has dried and cured cannabis on a large scale. Chopping the hemp down to dry in the field like hay will rapidly degrade its quality and bailing it up wet will cause mold issues. Do not spend your whole season growing a great crop then ruin it with poor harvest and post harvest techniques.

Hemp Season Prep Tip #4: Store your product in packaging designed for hemp.

To preserve what you’ve grown and retain as much quality as possible, your harvest needs to be stored properly. Using anti-static liners to collect freshly harvested material during your hemp harvest will prevent trichome-loss. It will also reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Once dried, storing your hemp in the right environment is vital. Proper hemp storage will preserve potency, reduce weight loss and slow down the degradation process for the cannabinoids. Seal up your dried product to reduce oxidation, keep it out of the light, and store it in a cool area. For the best results for hemp storage, try Grove Bags. Using packaging with UV protection, anti-static sidewalls, and active humidity control like Grove Bags create the perfect climate for preserving your hard work from this hemp season long-term.

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