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New in 2021: Creator Collaborations

New in 2021

Creator Collaborations

The way we store our cannabis says something about us, whether we like it or not. Even I admit that I make judgments about friends when they show me their flower. You’ve got your Ziploc fanatics, the mason jar junkie, potentially a pill bottle storer, and, of course, your Grove Bags users. Having a bag or container with a beautiful design makes storing cannabis more fun and can even add aesthetic to a space.

Cannabis is supposed to be fun. Something people in the industry frequently forget when creating dispensaries that look like Apple stores and products that resemble vitamins. We like fun products, and we like storing them in fun packaging that we are excited to show off to our friends. With these thoughts in mind, Grove Bags is going to spice up our traditional lineup of bags. We make incredibly creative custom designs for companies, but we want our fans to be able to come to our website and pick out a wholly unique design to store their cannabis in.

We have noticed how much our fans and customers love the custom bags we create for commercial brands operating in the cannabis space. Unfortunately, we cannot offer those designs for purchase because they belong to the company for which they were created. Plus, if the customer doesn’t live in the same state as the brand that we created the custom packaging for, there is no way for our customer to get their hands on their favorite design by buying the product.

Grove Bags wants our customers to have access to unique and fun designs without placing a custom order of their own.

With this mission in mind, in 2021, we will be launching a creator collaboration series that features designs from our favorite artists and brands. For our first collaboration, we have tapped longtime friend and preeminent photographer trashhand. Trashhand has worked with the likes of iTunes, Nike, and Raised by Wolves.

Take a look at an example of one of Trashhand’s beautiful photos of Chicago.

Grove Bags has mastered preserving cannabis in it’s finest state because we are passionate about our flower and that passion translates to a better product with a better design. There will be many, many creator collaborators to come.

The cannabis user deserves something more than just any other container or a bag. The cannabis connoisseur deserves – no, demands – something technologically advanced, intuitive, and downright gorgeous. Cannabis storage ought to be a means of self-expression, a cultural artifact emblematic of the user. Nothing is more indicative than the way they present themselves through their choice of style.

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