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HeroGrown® Custom TerpLoc® Bag

Grove Bags is proud to partner with our friends at HeroGrown® for this first-ever fundraising collaboration.

There are over 20 million military veterans and tens of millions of active and retired first responders. In the shadows, a countless number of these heroes are desperately struggling with addiction to deadly drugs prescribed for service-related injuries and psychological disorders. HeroGrown® Foundation is the preeminent organization fighting for their right to choose cannabis as a safe alternative.

For over a decade now, tens of thousands of veterans and first responders have relied on the HeroGrown® Foundation for free cannabis as an alternative to prescription drugs. They are committed to providing these heroes with the safest and highest quality products available. To maintain their stringent quality standards, they trust storage solutions from Grove Bags. TerpLoc® technology has streamlined their curing, storage, and distribution processes and allowed them to expand their life-saving programs across the nation.

To cement this partnership and further support the cause, our two teams came together and created this limited-edition 7 gram TerpLoc® bag. Grove Bags is donating 25% of every limited-edition HeroGrown® bag sale to continue supporting those veterans and first responders in need.



If you’re interested in purchasing over 3 cases, please contact our sales team at (833) 837-7562, or

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TerpLoc comic canna hybrid 1/4 pound cannabis flower pouch
TerpLoc comic canna hybrid pouch for cannabis flower back view
TerpLoc comic canna hybrid cannabis pouch with cannabis nugs

Fully Customizable

We can fulfill all of your packaging needs with custom sizing and beautiful branding across your entire set of packaging. Tell us more about your custom project.

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