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TerpLoc 1 Pound Window Pouch – 20 Pack

Case count: 20

If you’re interested in purchasing over 3 cases, please contact our sales team at (833) 837-7562, or

Sizing Comparison

Quarter Ounce

Quarter Ounce

Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 x 1.78in
Weight: 13.27 lbs

Half Ounce

Half Ounce

Dimensions: 5 x 8.14 x 2.33in
Weight: 18.75 lbs

Quarter Pound

Quarter Pound

Dimensions: 9.66 x 13.12 x 5in
Weight: 13.77 lbs

Half Pound

Half Pound

Dimensions: 12 x 14.75 x 5.25in
Weight: 14.93 lbs

One Pound

One Pound

Dimensions: 14 x 18.5 x 8in
Weight: 11.2 lbs

More About Our


TerpLoc® zippered pouches are designed around the unique physiology of cannabis to maintain weight, prevent mold, and preserve delicate terpene profiles. Once your product is sealed inside, unwanted gasses and water vapor are actively diffused through the pouches’ layers, creating a microclimate with a relative humidity level of 58-62%, limiting oxidation and preventing damage from harmful UV rays. Zippered pouches are available in fully opaque and windowed varieties in multiple sizes.

How it works

TerpLoc® pouches incorporate 6 key elements of product protection: durability, odor protection, oxygen diffusion, anti-static properties, humidity control, and UV protection. When exposed to the moisture in your product, the TerpLoc® film is activated, while its just-right permeability allows your product to cure to its fullest potential, stay fresher during long term storage, and save you from burping jars.


All TerpLoc® pouches include:

  • Maximum TerpLoc® protection
  • Durable standard OR child-resistant zipper closure
  • Fully Opaque OR Viewing Window options
  • No-Burp Cure
  • Wide, gusseted bottom to prevent product deformity
  • Reusable & Recyclable design

Use Case

TerpLoc comic canna hybrid 1/4 pound cannabis flower pouch
TerpLoc comic canna hybrid pouch for cannabis flower back view
TerpLoc comic canna hybrid cannabis pouch with cannabis nugs

Fully Customizable

We can fulfill all of your packaging needs with custom sizing and beautiful branding across your entire set of packaging. Tell us more about your custom project.

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