What is Fresh Frozen Cannabis?

fresh frozen cannabis

Cannabis extractors are always looking to make their products more potent and flavorful, and as fresh as possible, and fresh frozen cannabis is currently making its rounds as the latest trend that achieves all of the above and more. Sure, taking your buds below zero might sound strange, but frozen fresh frozen material tends to […]

Fresh Frozen Clear No UV Pouch – Large – Case

fresh frozen clear no UV large cannabis pouch

Attention Extractors, freeze your product quickly and confidently. Place your prepped material into our Fresh Frozen pouches as soon as possible to retain the full plant profile and process the highest quality concentrates possible.

Fresh Frozen Clear No UV Pouch – Large – Single

empty large single fresh frozen clear no UV pouch for cannabis flower


Safevac vacuum sealing film

The Latest Innovation from Grove Bags What Is SafeVac®? SafeVac® is our solution for maximizing cannabis potency and quality, even under less-than-ideal vacuum-sealed conditions. A direct placement for typical food-storage vacuum films, SafeVac® uses our proprietary TerpLoc® technology to maintain optimal humidity and protect against degradation while saving space during storage or transit. What Does […]

How to Clone a Marijuana Plant at Home

cloning cannabis

For cultivators seeking consistency and/or mass production of the same strain, cloning cannabis is a popular method that is both low cost and simple to execute. If you’re a homegrower with an affinity for one particular strain, knowing how to clone a marijuana plant will be a major asset for you. Cloning weed is convenient, […]

The Best Humidity for Cannabis from Seed to Storage

best humidity for cannabis

From seed to storage, humidity is one of the most important factors when it comes to nurturing root systems and growing cannabis that is designed to persevere.  Perfecting your grow room humidity range is essential for plants to stay healthy and free of unwanted bacteria and mold. On the other end of the growth cycle, […]

Grove Bags Academy

Have a question about how to use your TerpLoc® bags? You’re in the right place. Select a product category video below to learn how to make the most of your bags: Front & Back-End TerpLoc® Pouches Our best practices for any size pouch: How to Use TerpLoc Pouches TerpLoc® Liners Our best practices for TerpLoc® […]

Behind the Bag: RiverRun Gardens

behind the bag

This Massachusetts Brand Maintains OG Weed Culture in a Growing Legal Region The adult-use cannabis industry has exploded in Massachusetts since it first rolled out in 2018, the state’s market has become quickly inundated with brands trying to get a piece of the cannabis-infused pie. This oversaturation follows a nationwide trend that has taken hold […]

How to Extend the Shelf Life of Cannabis

how to store cannabis

Cannabis is readily available in today’s increasingly legal and destigmatized market, which means…well, more weed. Cultivators are producing more, consumers are buying more, and as a result, dispensaries are required to be fully stocked and diverse in their offerings at all times. With growers working overtime to ensure retail shelves remain flush with supplies, the […]

Why So Many Growers Are Returning to Rough-Trim Cannabis

how to trim cannabis

For some, the aesthetic of cannabis is almost as important as its smell, taste, and effects, which is why so many growers make it a point to finely manicure their flower. While tightly groomed buds make for attractive product glamour shots, you might be sacrificing quality in the quest for cuteness. This is why a […]