The only bag you will ever need to store cannabis. Period.


A White Paper on TerpLoc® by Grove Bags

Grove Bags purposely uses a non-technical marketing approach to promote our product to customers. Cannabis lovers and cultivators can enjoy the performance of TerpLoc® without needing to understand the specifics.

Yet, TerpLoc® is one of the most technically advanced packaging materials ever created. It combines the expertise provided by decades of cannabis growing experience with thousands of hours of material sciences research to create a product truly unique to the space. A true passive modified atmospheric package for cannabis. No company, without the know-how or capability offered by leaders in these respective fields, can create what Grove Bags have created, the best cannabis storage technology.

Design Philosophy

The design brief for TerpLoc® and the original Grove Bags was simple, but also extremely complex: to use the biology of the cannabis flower as a starting point and build the perfect home for curing as well as long term storage. Most of our competitors in the space are either transplants from outside our industry, so they borrow techniques used in other niches assuming they are the most optimal solution and bring it into the cannabis space; or focus only on a single factor of cannabis storage, whether that’s smell proof or humidity control or something else.

We took the liberty of throwing everything out the window and starting from scratch. What would the craft grower want, someone who is only interested in quality, if they had no limitations on monetary resources? With this philosophy, we determined that six specific elements are required to create the best cannabis storage technology: Durability, Oxygen Control, Odor Control, Anti Static, Humidity Control, and UV protection.


Our Features

TerpLoc® bags are thick and sturdy to combat any potential tearing or ripping. Our zipper gusseted pouches are all 4 mil, which compared to a regular ziplock bag of 1.5 – 2mil, is more than double the thickness. The rigidity of TerpLoc® allows you to process large colas with the stem intact and not have to worry about tearing or the stem poking holes in the bag. Oxygen and moisture are controlled via off gassing through TerpLoc® based on the plant’s existing respiration process. Excess amounts are expelled into the atmosphere while the remainder stays within the bag’s microclimate. UV and antistatic properties also protect the various terpenes and cannabinoids from degrading or leaching onto the storage material.

All of the features work together to create the perfect microclimate for cannabis to be preserved naturally for extended periods of time.

A Process for Cure, Not Just a Product

Grove Bags’ TerpLoc® is not just a product but also a process to cure and store your cannabis flower. We took a proven curing method many decades in the making and made a material to specifically replicate that cure without all of the hassle. Literally dry, store, and forget. Wait for a month or two, and that’s it.

Compared to the field, TerpLoc® is the only single component storage solution that allows you to retain up to 37% more terpenes over time for a fraction of the cost of multi component solutions. One of the questions that we often receive is how the terpene content consistently remain higher for flower stored in TerpLoc® products. This is due to the fact that the TerpLoc® film has been fine tuned to create the perfect microclimate for cannabis preservation. Terpene molecules will degrade with either too much or too little moisture, so the perfect preservation climate requires a relative humidity level between 58-62%. Traditionally this was achieved by manually burping each package at the beginning of the curing phase until ideal moisture levels were met. Burping flushes out the headspace to get rid of excess water vapor and anything off gassing from the plant. With TerpLoc® products, all unwanted water vapor and gases are diffused through the layers of the package removing the need to burp.

Compared to the traditional jar method, we are not constrained by time, space, weight, nor fragility in our process. You can live a regular life and not worry about burping or rotating the jars. Let the TerpLoc® handle all of that for you. Compared to larger commercial methods such as curing rooms and high-tech curing machines, TerpLoc® gives you a comparable result with none of the additional electrical expenses or large cash investments while allowing you to scale from curing 1 plant to 1000 plants with a simple click of the “buy” button on our webstore.

Curing OR Storage vs Curing AND storage

Many people mix up the concept of curing and storage, and think that once you store it the cannabis stops curing. A good grower knows sugars and chlorophyll are still breaking down while cannabis is being stored, thus the cure has continued. With TerpLoc® that distinction is now moot. Taking into account the physiology of the flower, TerpLoc® slows down the cannabis respiration rate to a halt, allowing for a slow and controlled degradation of the excess starch and glucose. This is the only way for cannabis to be stored in a stable condition for prolonged periods of time.

With TerpLoc®, storing is curing, and curing is storing. The ability for TerpLoc® to allow for ultra-long cures yields incredible flavor profiles that cannot be seen otherwise, as research suggests that existing terpenes polymerize similar to how wine ages, and time is the ultimate decider of whether your flower is top shelf or the house special.

On Sustainability

Sustainability is a key concern for Grove Bags, and TerpLoc® shows our commitment to reducing net greenhouse gas emissions. In terms of overall packaging, our single component passive modified atmospheric packaging is the lightest material for commercially packaging cannabis on a weight to flower stored basis.

Being light means less resources are used to create TerpLoc® bags, less energy is needed to construct it, and less fuel is needed to transport it. For example, glass containers are over 4 times as damaging[1] to the environment when you take into account all the key factors, including the massive amount of energy needed to melt down the glass, the sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide released during production, the land destruction and toxic runoff created from mining silica sand, soda ash, and dolomite, etc. The scale of the pollution is also staggering, with up to 20% of the raw materials in the glassmaking process being lost and polluted into the atmosphere as CO2 and other gasses. TerpLoc® production does none of these damaging things to the environment in addition to using a fraction of the heat. On the transport side, with the same amount of packaging weight, you can transport up to 29 times the amount of cannabis with TerpLoc® than glass jars. When compared to a plastic 27 gallon tote bin, you can transport up to 26 times the amount of cannabis. The fuel savings and greenhouse emission reductions from switching to TerpLoc® are immense. Your net impact on this planet is significantly less with this new technology.

Our products are engineered to last many grow cycles, and we are working actively to develop fully compostable materials that offer the features of TerpLoc®.


The Result

Objectively, the best cannabis storage is TerpLoc®. No other packaging solution offers the proofs of results, ease of use, piece of mind, and value for your money when it comes to cannabis storage. Millions of pounds of cannabis have gone through the TerpLoc® process and call TerpLoc® home, and the science can offer no differing views than this product being a true game-changer.