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C. Barret Goodale

Every grower knows that the curing process can make or break their hard work. Before using Grove Bags, it felt like a constant battle to find and maintain the proper moisture content and relative humidity to keep our flower in an appropriate cure zone. Without changing our practices, we adopted Grove Bags and found that they resulted in a more even moisture content throughout the buds with less need for constant monitoring. They have consistently provided a perfect environment, for a great cure, with less work. Grove Bags are now an integral part of our process, bolstering the efforts we put towards delivering a well-crafted product.
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Josh Kule

Willow works with leading cultivators throughout the country and always recommends they use Grove Bags in combination with our WillowPure technology. Clean cannabis is our number one focus and TerpLoc fits perfectly into the process. We just received our first batch of custom branded wicket bags and they look amazing! The Grove Bags team is great to work with and we always feel safe knowing our partners' product is being stored in their packaging.
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Item 9 Labs

We use (Grove Bags) for retail, and we use Grove Bags for the curing process also….It gets a great nose on the flower… TerpLoc technology is great that they’ve come up with, in terms of locking in those terpenes.
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Connected Cannabis

For years we have been dealing with the same standard issue turkey bag. It’s pretty much the only real option on the market. But since we’ve grown and scaled, we really needed something a little more dependable. So we discovered Grove Bags after sending our team out. We said get every bag. Get samples of every bag, and we tested it in our cold storage. We tested it in our dry storage. And we measured moisture content, and the good old fashioned nose test. And the Grove Bags are the ones that have stood aside from all the other ones. …whatever it’s called that they are using, it’s working!
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Grow Sciences

I have been unhappy with so many different products in terms of curing. Grove Bags just dropped a product. There 2 pound curing bag which has changed the game for us over the past few months, and we will not cure anything without them. The goal of the Grove Bag is to not only preserve the terpene, preserve the flower quality, and maintain just an overall perfect atmosphere at 62 percent humidity. We think t achieve that pretty soundly. They are coming through for us big time. I think it has opened up the nose on our flower to a whole new level. ….Everything about it. It’s just such a more sound way to cure.
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Our company worked with Grove Bags to design and produce custom printed Wojo Wax bags for our premium cannabis line. Our patients and fans have been ranting and raving about these bags. They turned out better than we could've imagined—we will definitely be working with them again. Their technology, quality, and customer service (shout-out to Luke) is top notch.

HeroGrown® Foundation

For over a decade, tens of thousands of veterans and first responders have relied on the HeroGrown® Foundation for free cannabis as an alternative to prescription drugs. We are committed to providing these heroes with the safest and highest quality products available. To maintain our stringent quality standards, we only trust storage solutions from Grove Bags. Grove Bag’s TerpLoc® technology has streamlined our curing, storage, and distribution processes and allowed us to expand our life-saving programs across the nation. With the support of amazing companies like Grove Bags, we are able to distribute more than $2 million worth of free items every single year.