No More Freezer Burn

ExIce is the newest evolution in fresh frozen storage technology.

New from Grove Bags: SafeVac®

The auto-curing benefits of TerpLoc® in an all new, space saving format.

Cure. Store. Save.

Your solution for auto-curing and cannabis flower storage.

The Best Cannabis
Curing Solution.

Streamline your curing process with TerpLoc®

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The TerpLoc ® Difference

TerpLoc ® will preserve your product at its highest quality from cultivation to consumption.

Calling All Cultivators

We help preserve your hard work

TerpLoc® Pouches

Our best seller. Your best buds.

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TerpLoc 27 Gallon Terpy Bag – Case
TerpLoc 5 Gallon Terpy Bag – Single
TerpLoc 27 Gallon Terpy Bag – Single
TerpLoc 5 Gallon Terpy Bag – Case
TerpLoc 5 Gallon Terpy Bag – 200 Pack
TerpLoc 27 Gallon Terpy Bag – 100 Pack
TerpLoc 5 Gallon Terpy Bag – 100 Pack

Your Bud
After 1 Year

TerpLoc® Technology

Cannabis degradation is slowed to a rate never before seen, extending the shelf life of your product and maximizing your margins.

Their Bud
After 1 Year

The Competitors

Lack key features that cause your product to degrade exponentially while stored that not only hurt your bottom line but your brand quality.

The Perfect Cannabis Climate

Grove Bags are composed of a blend of several high barrier films with key permeability properties specific to cannabis. All unwanted gasses & water vapor are actively diffused through the film elements, forming the ideal mold-free environment to maintain weight, consistency and potency.

  • Durability
  • Odor
  • Oxygen
  • Anti-Static
  • Humidity
  • UV


An industrial strength element is added for maximum puncture resistance.


This high barrier element is added to provide maximum odor protection.


This element works to diffuse oxygen out of the package to create and sustain low oxygen levels. This limits the oxidation of terpenes, cannabinoids, and greatly reduces weight loss.


An element added to create a neutral charge down the sidewall of our packaging. This prevents the package from stripping trichomes off of your product which contain 90% of the flower’s terpenes.


This element works together with the oxygen layer to provide active humidity control. Low oxygen levels slow down the respiration process, then excess water vapor that has built up in the package’s head space is diffused through the packaging to prevent mold growth and create optimal humidity levels.


The UV element combined with the opacity of the packaging provides superior protection from harmful UV rays. Light breaks down organic material at a rapid rate and is among the main factors that causes THC to degrade to CBN.

Customize Your Packaging

Custom sizing and beautiful branding.

Mix & Make It Your Own

Different sizes. Different Quantities. No problem.