Passive Modified

Atmospheric Packaging

With Proprietary

TerpLoc® Technology

No Burping • No Humidity Packs • Better Results

Passive Modified Atomspheric Packaging With Proprietary Terploc® Technology

No Burping • No Humidity Packs • Better Results

How Much Can You Save by Switching to Grove Bags

The World’s First Passive Modified Atmospheric Packaging


We have created a cannabis film that is truly first of its kind: TerpLoc®. When it comes to the business of cannabis, every single gram matters and if your product isn’t stored properly your margins shrink dramatically. Unlike competitors, Grove Bags TerpLoc® packaging has been custom designed around the unique properties of the cannabis plant in order to create the most effective packaging available in the industry. Our bags combine active humidity control with antimicrobial properties to maintain low oxygen levels to form the perfect “cannabis climate.”

 TerpLoc® Technology

Cannabis degradation is slowed to a rate never before seen, extending the shelf life of your product and maximizing your margins.


Lack key features that cause your product to degrade exponentially while stored that not only hurt your bottom line but your brand quality. 

TerpLoc® Pouches

Unbranded | Branded | Stealth

TerpLoc® Wickets

Never use turkey bags again

TerpLoc® Liners

For the heavy hitters

TerpLoc® Supersac

Store your hemp biomass


The modern day consumer expects nothing less than the freshest products with extended shelf life, but no chemical additives. This demand led to the creation of our first packaging film that generates the perfect climate for cannabis, making the consumer dream a market reality!


Grove Bags are composed of a blend of several high barrier films with key permeability properties specific to cannabis. All unwanted gases & water vapor are actively diffused through the film barriers, forming the ideal mold free environment to preserve your cannabis.

Each Element Serves a Unique Purpose


The TerpLoc® UV element is combined with the opacity of the packaging to provide premium protection from UV rays. These harmful rays continuously break down organic material at a rapid rate and is among the main factors that cause THC to degrade to CBN, decreasing the potency of cannabis after it is packaged.


Our TerpLoc® industrial strength element is added for maximum puncture resistance, ensuring the packaging’s cannabis climate is not compromised in transit.


A key element of TerpLoc® added to create neutral charge down the sidewall of our packaging. This prevents the package from stripping trichomes off product which contain many of the plants cannabinoids and terpenes, stopping them from sticking to the side.


This TerpLoc® element works to diffuse oxygen out of the package to create and sustain low oxygen levels, limiting the oxidation of terpenes and cannabinoids. This feature greatly reduces weight loss and maintains product potency.


This high barrier TerpLoc® element is added to provide superior odor protection, trapping the potent smell of product until you’re ready for a breath of fresh bud.


This TerpLoc® element works in unison with the oxygen element to provide active humidity control. The low oxygen levels slow down the respiration process, allowing the excess water vapor build up to be diffused through the elements to prevent mold growth and create optimal humidity levels to preserve product potency.

Our bags retain up to 37% more terpenoids and 7% more cannabinoids than traditional packaging

Want proof? Check out our 3rd party study to see the results yourself!

We’ve Got  You Covered From Cultivation to Consumption

The Cultivators Choice

Preserve your hard work.

Growing quality cannabis takes a lot of time and effort, making the proper preservation of your product of critical importance both for your brand value and bottom line.

Grove Bags product line addresses the major pain points cultivators face being upstream in the supply chain, creating packaging the ensures what you grow is enjoyed as intended when it reaches the dispensary shelves.

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The Distributors Choice

Preserve your brand image.

The consistent quality of product is a continuous pain point for distributors in the industry since what you sell directly affects your perceived brand value and the profits that are intrinsically tied to it.

With Grove Bags you have the ability to preserve your product supply and make yourself stand out on the shelf with our custom branded packaging options. If you don’t have a design or logo, work with our design team to create the brand image your product deserves.

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The Dispensaries Choice

Preserve your margins.

Every single gram matters when it comes to cannabis, making weight retention of primary importance for dispensaries. With Grove Bags TerpLoc® overfilling becomes a problem of the past with the ability to package the exact amount of product, simultaneously increasing both inventory levels and margins.

The concept of spend to save is clear when you see the see the results of our efficient premium packaging options first hand. Stop letting profits evaporate out of your packaging, make the investment, and start saving!

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