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Our best practices for any size pouch: How to Use TerpLoc Pouches

Our best practices for TerpLoc® Liners: How to Use Liners

Our best practices for Terpy Bags: How to Use Terpy Bags

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TerpLoc 1 Ounce Home Decor Series – Child Resistant Pouch – Bauhaus – Single
TerpLoc 1/4 Pound Velvet Soft Touch – Child Resistant Pouch – BLACK – Single
TerpLoc 1/4 Pound Velvet Soft Touch – Child Resistant Pouch – MultiColor  – Single
TerpLoc 55 Gallon Drum Liner – 5 Pack
TerpLoc 55 Gallon Drum Liner – 10 Pack
TerpLoc 5 Gallon Terpy Bag – 200 Pack
TerpLoc 27 Gallon Terpy Bag – 100 Pack
TerpLoc 1/4 Pound Window Pouch – 20 Pack
TerpLoc 1 Ounce Window Pouch – 50 Pack

Frequently Asked Questions

Our packaging is manufactured entirely in the United States in the beautiful state of Ohio in order to maintain quality and support our industry. 

Currently Grove Bags are reusable but not biodegrade. We continually strive to reduce our carbon footprint across all aspects of the company and have a five year goal of replacing current components of our film structure with hemp-based plastics. Visit our sustainability page to learn more about our commitment to a greener planet and our five year goals.

The biggest factor for getting the most out of your Grove Bag is to make sure your cannabis is properly dry and the inner moisture is both released and regulated. If you think the cannabis is too wet still burp it in the bag for 3-4 days. Once your cannabis is dry heat seal the bag and store it in a cool dark room for best results. There is no need to purchase a 2-way humidity packet or oxygen scrubber.

Yes, all Grove Bags films have high barrier properties that provide superior discretion, keeping you compliant at all times.

We recommend using our bags for curing to the point of consumption. TerpLoc® bags don’t need to be burped during the cure. Pressure will build up in the head space of the bag.

Our bags will also increase the shelf life of your cannabis. We have had some customers experiment with intentionally longer curing periods inside our bags.