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Behind the Bag with Hytek Cultivation

Access Endless Fire with Hytek

Grove Bags works to uphold the legacy cannabis community, ensuring they have access to resources and a clear voice when it comes to discussions around today’s legal market. That’s why we love to support OG operators like Michigan’s Hytek, where consumers can “access endless fire” curated by a team of connoisseurs who really care about the plant’s roots. 

Founded by a collective of cultivators who got their start when cannabis was still stigmatized, Hytek’s story stretches back to the shadows of the industry, where they perfected their relationship with the plant and its growth cycle. Today, Hytek has revived an entire city block in Detroit with their offerings, products, and community outreach, proudly employing over 20 individuals who share an overarching passion: to produce the highest quality cannabis and share it with the world.

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From caregiving to legal retail: How Hytek got their start

With two Michigan dispensaries under the name The Refinery along with their Detroit-based grow facility, Hytek has solid hands on the supply chain from seed to sale. The team begins each cultivation cycle with the highest quality exclusive genetics at top of mind, with the ultimate goal of stocking nothing-but-the-best, top-shelf products at each location. 

Hytek prides itself on just that: keeping best-in-the-breed as their ultimate standard, and constantly searching for new ways to improve tried-and-true methods for success. 

“We started out in the caregiver market here in Michigan, and we had some pretty big grows running under our name. Then the legal market opened up, and everyone thought it was a natural play for us to make the move—so here we are,” said Bill “Chocolate” Anderson, the owner and president of Hytek Cultivation.

“The stakes are a lot higher; there’s a lot more regulation, and we need a lot more employees to keep things running. It might not be as fun as the legacy days were, but we’re building a business that we hope can be around for a while, and it’s our experience in the medical and legacy markets that gives us a leg up.”

Hytek’s biggest leg up has less to do with regulation and compliance and more to do with the one thing a lot of today’s operators seem to forget about: the power of good weed. 

“We just try to grow the best weed we can, whether that’s outdoors, in a basement, or in a commercial building,” Anderson said. “If you grow good weed, everything else follows.”

“Everything else” being Hytek’s unwavering success, and they’ve earned quite a bit of it over the years. The brand currently offers a wide variety of winning genetics, from Headstash OG and Los Muertos to Cherimoya and Guava Gelato. 

“For us, it’s important that the flavor translates. It has to taste good, look good, and be outstanding overall,” Anderson said. “After all, when you go to the grocery store to buy produce, you’re not reaching for the smushy tomato—you want that perfect ripeness. That’s what we’re going for with our flower.”

From fake TV rooms to commercial grows

The entire Hytek team is well-versed in legacy cannabis cultivation, which was where they first developed their special version of “good weed”. 

“I built my first grow room with my dad when I was in my early 20s,” Anderson said. “I remember telling him I was putting together a TV room or something like that, and he was suspicious. He kept asking, ‘Why are we building it like this?’ Eventually, I had to come clean.”

From his sneaky twenty-something foray into covert cultivation, Anderson continued to learn everything he could about growing weed. He read, asked questions, and went through tons of trial and error to figure out his own best practices with cannabis. Today, he hones those same skills in a commercial building, but he continues to credit his success to his humble, underground origins.

“If I had to pick, I’d say I preferred working in the traps. But with the legal industry, it’s nice to not have to look over your shoulder,” Anderson said. “At the same time, it’s hard. There’s a lot more supply and demand today. But it’s all love. If I had to give a new cultivator some advice, I’d just say, ‘Don’t listen to anyone.’ Do what you love, and the rest will follow.”

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What’s next for Hytek?

Hytek transports bulk pounds of their flower in custom TerpLoc bags, where the team is able to keep the environmental controls right where they want them from seed to sale.

“It also helps us transport our products to other stores that might not have the best conditions; either way, we can rest assured that the flower is in the same shape we packaged it in,” Anderson said. “And we just love rocking with Luke from Grove Bags. He’s everywhere; I see him in Detroit or LA, always taking part in the culture. Whenever I see that blonde hair waving around, I love it.”

Beyond their bags of flower, Hytek plans to move into more unique SKUs, like rosin cartridges or infused pre-rolls. They’re also consistently on the hunt for new flavors and new genetics to infuse into their offerings. 

“We’re excited about the new products rolling out, but at the end of the day, we just love a good-looking bag of flower that blows people’s minds,” Anderson said. “There’s a lot of bad weed out there. We combat that by doing what we like; we try to keep up with what the consumer has in mind, but ultimately, there’s nothing like smoking good, clean flower.”

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