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I first saw Grove Bags at MJBizCon in Vegas last year. The product capabilities were amazing to me as I was actively looking for a new type of bag as a cannabis wholesaler. “Many times when we would get product in from a farm, they would be in turkey bags. During monthly inventory checks we noticed we were losing 10 grams on almost every pound and this stopped immediately when we switched to Grove Bags! Now we have the TerpLoc™, so our products stay fresher for longer, maintain optimal humidity levels for the product and all without losing weight every month. In addition, now we don't have to spend all the money on Boveda's at $5 a pack. Also, I really love the double cut lines on top of the bags too for multiple heat seals.

StormmyNDN Wholesale

Every grower knows that the curing process can make or break their hard work. Before using Grove Bags, it felt like a constant battle to find and maintain the proper moisture content and relative humidity to keep our flower in an appropriate cure zone. Without changing our practices, we adopted Grove Bags and found that they resulted in a more even moisture content throughout the buds with less need for constant monitoring. They have consistently provided a perfect environment, for a great cure, with less work. Grove Bags are now an integral part of our process, bolstering the efforts we put towards delivering a well-crafted product.

C. Barret GoodaleManager at GOOD Cultivation

I have been using the Grove bags for a few months now and have only good things to say. We have seen the effect the pouches have on our products presentation and the level of professionalism the bag provides to our customers. Odor control is also great and when we order the Grove Bags they are shipped and delivered extremely fast. Thank you for the great product!

ChaseOwner of Standish Milling & Supply

We use Grove Bags for packaging our CBD Hemp Flower and CBD Pre-Rolls. I really enjoy using these bags. They have no smell once they are sealed, they keep the product fresh, and they stand up easily on a shelf. We use all size bags starting from 1 gram all the way up to 1 ounce. I like the 7g bag for our 1.2-gram pre-rolled joints, we package them in groups of 5 or 10 joints per bag and they have plenty of room. The bags look and work great. Our customers love having a window to see the product. Mama P's Wholesome Grinding Company really enjoys these bags.

Devon WhittMarketing and Retail Specialist at Mama P's Wholesome Grinding Company

Things are going real well. After drying our harvest in Room B, we bagged 25 pounds (50 1/2 pound bags). We are a small company with 3 grow rooms and additional rooms in the plans. The last of our prior harvest was in buckets for final cure. We used 1/2 pound Grove Bags, they filled nicely and gave our products the needed boost of moisture. The products within days began to take on on wonderful look and smell. Terps really came alive! Our salesman moved our previous harvest, which had stalled. Grove Bags moved our products. Thanks for checking up on us. We appreciate your support and interest.

RM LunaFullMoon Farm Oklahoma

Big shoutout to the homies over at @grovebags 👊✌️ Big thanks for letting me do a test pilot of your bags for @autoflowernetafn gladiators! Not sure when I can fill the 1lb bag BUT GUESS I GOT A GOAL FOR THE FUTURE!

Mark O.@organic_meph_head on Instagram

My clients have been more than pleased, with Grove Bags. The customer service is on point, and the quality of products make it an easy choice for my customers.

Evan PattersonBusiness Development at Cannabis Kitchen Supplies

The TerpLoc™ Pound Pouches work fantastic! This is so much easier for the curing process and the smell is out of this world. I will be using these from here on out to cure and store my buds. Thank you for a great product!

Mike O.Home Grower

“Our company worked with Grove Bags to design and produce custom printed Wojo Wax bags for our premium cannabis line. Our patients and fans have been ranting and raving about these bags. They turned out better than we could've imagined—we will definitely be working with them again. Their technology, quality, and customer service (shout-out to Luke) is top notch.”

KateDesigner at Wojo Wax (@wojowax on Instagram)

We currently use Grove bags for our 5-pack pre-roll case refills. The 3.5g bag holds 5, 1g pre-rolls perfectly and keeps them fresh until the patient rips it open. The transparent, UV-proof windows are incredibly helpful in allowing the patient to know what their buying without breaking the seal. Their focus on sustainability is an added bonus!

Anders MintzMarketing Manager at Oasis Dispensaries (@oasisdispo on Instagram)

Willow works with leading cultivators throughout the country and always recommends they use Grove Bags in combination with our WillowPure technology. Clean cannabis is our number one focus and TerpLoc fits perfectly into the process. We just received our first batch of custom branded wicket bags and they look amazing! The Grove Bags team is great to work with and we always feel safe knowing our partners' product is being stored in their packaging.

Josh KuleVP Sales at Willow Industries (@willowindustries on Instagram)