Our TerpLoc® Faqs

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Should Grove Bags be heat sealed?

For Grove Bags to function effectively, a heat seal is not necessary, but it will always produce a superior result. Heat sealing prevents all the terpenes that slowly leak out of the zipper from escaping the bag. Because the zipper is not constructed with TerpLoc technology, like the main part of the pouch, the heat seal helps optimize the Grove Bag process. Without a heat sealer, a Grove Bag loses around one to two percent of its protective and preservative properties. We encourage you to test out the effect of heat sealing with your own harvest. To see the difference heat sealing makes, perform a six month cure trial with a half ounce in a heat sealed grove bag and a half ounce in a non-heat sealed Grove Bag. Place the bags in the same cool dark place and compare the difference after the cure is complete.

Should you squeeze the excess air out of a Grove Bag before closing it?

While it may feel instinctual to squeeze the excess air from a Grove Bag, it is important to remember that this is not an average plastic bag, and it is specifically designed to be more effective at preserving the integrity of flower than a vacuum seal. With TerpLoc technology, the amount of headspace (unfilled area) in the bag is proportional to the quality of the cure. Because Grove Bags diffuses the oxygen and gasses emitted from buds, there is no need to manually remove excess air.
For an optimal cure and shelf life, leave around 25 percent of the bag empty. If there is too much or too little empty space in the bag, the process will diminish the valuable terpenes and cannabinoids on the buds.

Are Grove Bags reusable?

Grove Bags are designed for repeated use and boast a long lifespan. As long as the bag is intact and undamaged, its curing properties will remain effective. The only properties that begin to degrade over time are the UV protectant and anti-static feature. Other TerpLoc features, like durability, humidity control, and odor control never diminish. As long as you cure in a dark room, the bags should work well for many years. Some customers say they use the same one pound bags for four years before transitioning to an unused Grove Bag.

What makes Grove Bags special?

Grove Bags are designed with TerpLoc, a proprietary technology designed specifically for cannabis with durability, odor control, oxygen diffusion, humidity control, anti-static properties, and UV protection. Other materials on the market were created for other applications like food, not cannabis. Cannabis reacts much differently than food to atmospheric conditions. Similarly, vacuum seal bags are not designed for cannabis preservation, so the bags collect gas released from the buds which exposes cannabis to oxidation. TerpLoc technology creates an ideal microclimate, keeping the perfect amount of moisture and oxygen in the bag. Grove Bags are special because they prevent the creation of mold spores and foster the development of terpenes.

When is bud ready for a Grove Bag?

Grove Bags are designed specifically for curing and storing cannabis. It is not possible to dry wet flower in a Grove Bag. With TerpLoc technology, the optimal moisture levels to begin curing are between 10 and 12 percent. If moisture content is anywhere outside of this range, it can spur mold growth and degrade the strain’s terpene profile.

Moisture content can be tested using a moisture meter in the stem of a bud. When flower has dried to this point, Grove Bags can consistently stabilize its microclimate humidity levels between 58 and 62 percent relative humidity (RH). Most of the time, an 11 percent moisture level is achieved after 10 to 14 days of drying, but using a moisture meter allows growers an additional level of certainty that could make all the difference in the final product. 

What is the best way to store Grove Bags?

Before storing Grove Bags, leave 25 percent of the bag empty and then heat seal it to secure the curing microclimate. Because the Grove Bags are equipped with UV protection, they don't need to be in a completely dark room. For best results, bags should be stored in a dim room that stays around 60 degrees. 

Cannabis degrades over time, but TerpLoc technology keeps flower in a continuous secure environment. Internal testing showed Grove Bags slowing THC degradation by 50 to 90 percent compared to other methods like mason jars and mylar. Grove Bags have proved their ability to preserve cannabis without degradation for over a year. One customer reported storing one pound bags for over three years and maintaining a high-quality terpene profile.

What is the difference between glassless Grove Bags and other bags?

The glassless Grove Bag is unique in its full window design and its gusset print that strengthens the structure and gives it more stability. This glassless bag also differs from other Grove Bags products because of its zipper. The one ounce glassless bag is often used as storage for consumption, which requires repeated opening and closing. Instead of a traditional single track zipper, the glasses bag features a five track zipper for endurance with repeated use. Opening and closing the bag almost feels like velcro, and the extra tracks provide a secure seal for the TerpLoc technology to protect the bud more efficiently than bags. 

What is the purpose of Grove Bags?

Grove Bags are designed to eliminate human error and the menial labor associated with traditional curing and storing methods. With TerpLoc technology, Grove Bags eliminates the need for burping, expensive humidity control, dedicated cure rooms, and cumbersome jars. These reusable products save cannabis businesses both time and money. Grove Bags are not just containers, they are an entire process. They are engineered to create the perfect microenvironment for curing and preserve the integrity of flower for over a year. What used to take thousands of dollars of equipment and hundreds of hours of labor can now be accomplished with a fraction of the time and effort.

What is DOOAHU?

DOOAHU is an acronym that we use to abbreviate the six main features of TerpLoc technology. D stands for durability, which ensures sharp stems and or outside items will not puncture the Grove Bag. The Os stand for odor control, which keeps the scent of strain inside the bag, and oxygen, which passively diffuses oxygen from the bag to ensure oxidation does not degrade terpenes on the buds. The A stands for anti-static, a technology that discourages the development of static inside the bag, which can strip terpenes off the buds. The H stands for humidity control, a key feature that regulates the microclimate inside the bag to a relative humidity level between 58 and 62 percent. The U stands for UV protection, which is the frosty part of the bags. Not everyone has a completely dark space to store cannabis, and this feature protects terpenes and cannabinoids even with intermittent exposure to light. 

Does the bag eliminate the need for humidity packs?

If a moisture meter in the stem of a bud reads between 10 and 12 percent, the moisture content of the flower is at an ideal level for a Grove Bags cure. There is no need for a humidity pack or any additional elements as long as the moisture content of the flower is in that designated range. If the moisture content is too low, Grove Bags suggests adding a cannabis fan leaf from a live plant to the bag. The technology in the bag will use the additional moisture in the leaf to achieve an appropriate moisture level for a successful cure.

What are the different zippers offered by Grove Bags?

Grove Bags offers three zipper types designed to suit different purposes. The single track zipper is the most economical option and is great for a bag that will be placed on a dispensary shelf for sale. The five track zipper and the CR zipper are great options for bags that will endure heavier use. Technically a dual track, the CR zipper offers the strongest seal and is the most difficult to open. The CR zipper can only be opened by applying pulling force on the tab of the zipper, which helps maintain a tight seal and ensures TerpLoc technology can work properly.

How does TerpLoc’s passive atmospheric packaging work?

Atmospheric conditions, like the gasses present in a room, will influence a curing process. Oil oxidation accelerates with the concentration of dissolved oxygen and interacts with the oxygen pressure in the headspace of the bag. Grove Bags insists users leave 25 percent of the bag empty because any more or less oxygen exposure will alter the integrity of the curing process. If too much oxidation occurs, the flavor, smell, and potency of the bud will be degraded. TerpLoc’s modified atmosphere packaging controls the rate of respiration in the curing environment to slow down harmful chemical developments and support the polymerization of terpenes and cannabinoids.

How does TerpLoc Help with terpene polymerization?

While terpenes don’t increase in number during the curing phase, the terpene profile is certainly enriched. Terpenes marry, commingle, and homogenize during the curing phase in a process called polymerization. Polymerization refers to a process in which small molecules combine chemically to produce a larger more complex molecule. During the curing phase, TerpLoc technology creates the perfect environment for polymerization to foster the strength of individual terpenes and harmonize them according to the specific plant genetics involved. 

After three weeks, flower cured with TerpLoc technology will develop a rich terpene profile that makes the product unique and helps it stand out in the market. If left in the Grove Bag, bud will continue to develop for months, but it’s all about preference.

Can you see a difference between flower stored with TerpLoc technology compared to other methods?

There is often a visible difference between buds stored with TerpLoc technology and those stored using other methods. To accurately observe the difference, a microscope may be necessary. When comparing the difference between a bud stored in a Grove Bag and a bud stored in another type of container, the presence of trichomes can vary greatly. TerpLoc will store flower with no wilting, and trichomes will still stand up when the bud is removed from the package. Storage containers produced by other brands often cause trichome bald spots on buds where trichomes have degraded significantly or fully disappeared. TerpLoc keeps trichomes dense, maintains the original integrity of a strain, and gives buds the signature shimmer cannabis connoisseurs seek. 

What are the different types of trichomes and how does TerpLoc preserve them?

All trichomes are best observed with a microscope, but some are more visible and familiar to the average person. The capitate stalk trichome is the most notable and visible on the bud of a cannabis plant. Some trichomes look like little hairs, others like bubbles, and some like tiny mallets. All terpenes are translucent, which is why they make flower appear shimmery under direct light. TerpLoc technology consistently protects the daintier and more vulnerable trichomes more effectively than other methods that use materials not designed for cannabis curing and storage.

How does TerpLoc prevent mold growth?

TerpLoc technology regulates the entire contents of the bag, so mold is never an issue as long as the bud is at optimal conditions for a Grove Bags cure. The moisture content of the buds should be within 10 and 12 percent, 25 percent of the bag should be left empty to provide the headspace needed for the technology to work, and before storing the bags to cure, each bag should be heat sealed. When these steps are taken and these conditions are met, Grove Bags stored in a cool and dark space will prevent the build up of harmful gasses and release them from the bag so no mold spores develop. 

Where are your bags made?

Our packaging is manufactured entirely in the United States in the beautiful state of Ohio in order to maintain quality and support our industry. 

Are your bags biodegradable?

Currently Grove Bags are reusable but not biodegrade. We continually strive to reduce our carbon footprint across all aspects of the company and have a five year goal of replacing current components of our film structure with hemp-based plastics. Visit our technology to learn more about our commitment to a greener planet and our five year goals.

How do I get the best results from my Grove Bags?

The biggest factor for getting the most out of your Grove Bag is to make sure your cannabis is properly dry and the inner moisture is both released and regulated. If you think the cannabis is too wet still burp it in the bag for 3-4 days. Once your cannabis is dry heat seal the bag and store it in a cool dark room for best results. There is no need to purchase a 2-way humidity packet or oxygen scrubber.

Are your bags odor proof?

Yes, all Grove Bags films have high barrier properties that provide superior discretion, keeping you compliant at all times.

When should you use a Grove Bag?

We recommend using our bags for curing to the point of consumption. TerpLoc® bags don’t need to be burped during the cure. Pressure will build up in the head space of the bag.

Our bags will also increase the shelf life of your cannabis. We have had some customers experiment with intentionally longer curing periods inside our bags.