TerpLoc® Technology

Grove Bags TerpLoc® product line is the evolution in packaging the cannabis industry has been waiting for. Designed around the plant's physiological properties, it utilizes a blend of several film elements to create the optimal cannabis climate inside every package.

Oxygen & Humidity Elements

These two TerpLoc® elements work in unison to diffuse oxygen, slowing down the respiration process and allowing excess water vapor to be diffused to prevent mold growth and preserve product potency.

Durability & Odor Elements

These two TerpLoc® elements work in conjunction to guarantee maximum puncture resistance during packaging & transport, ensuring the potent smell of product is contained within the packaging.

UV Element

This TerpLoc® element provides premium protection from harmful UV rays that continuously cause THC to degrade to CBN, decreasing the potency of packaged cannabis.

Anti-Static Element

This TerpLoc® element creates a neutral charge down the packaging sidewall to prevent the trichomes, that contain a significant amount of terpenes, from being stripped off product.

Terpene Preservation

Terpenes are essential for preserving cannabis synergy

Terpenes, the organic compounds responsible for the taste, smell, and therapeutic properties of cannabis, are essential for maintaining cannabis synergy and are the main factor that influences the different plant profiles. Grove Bags create and maintain the perfect cannabis climate to minimize evaporation and oxidation, ensuring maximum retention of terpenes and preservation of the benefits of cannabis synergy.

Mold Prevention

Simply put, mold destroys cannabis and profits

Mold can occur early on in the curing process when cannabis is not properly dried and stored. All Grove Bags have active humidity control, allowing moisture to continually flow in and out of the bags to keep levels balanced. This not only keeps your cannabis fresher for longer but also allows product to be placed in our bags sooner than our competitors.

Weight Retention

Weight is directly related to the moisture content

Moisture loss is a consistent problem across legal cannabis markets degrading both your product and your cash flow. The more weight your product loses while in storage, the more your profits are negatively impacted at sale. With the current industry at about 0.1g representing $1 of revenue, every gram is crucial, making investment in the best bags the make or break difference for your bottom line. TerpLoc® sealing technology ensures both moisture and profit stop evaporating from your packaging.



Our packaging saves up to 36% more terpenes than traditional packaging methods, preserving product potency for consumers.



Grove Bags ensures your cannabis is kept between  58% and 62% RH when stored to maintain and enhance its color, consistency, aroma, and flavor.



The max THC is up to 7.25% higher in cannabis stored in Grove Bags.



Grove Bags offers compliant customization solutions that enhance residual branding  while complying with cannabis packaging laws.


& Margins

Our next generation packaging solution increases margin while setting a new standard in quality control.


Grove Bags product line is not bound by legal constraints, easily adoptable for companies outside of the industry to leverage our packaging benefits.



Cannabis Synergy, known as the “entourage effect”, is the concept that the medicinal impact of the whole plant is greater than the sum of its parts. Terpenes play a major role in cannabis synergy, and are the main factor that influences the Indica vs. Sativa plant profiles. They have antimicrobial properties, anticarcinogenic properties, and can influence the permeability of the cell membrane allowing for the absorption of more cannabinoids. Grove Bags are designed for low oxygen levels and combine active humidity control with antistatic properties to limit the oxidation and evaporation of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your bags made?

Our packaging is manufactured entirely in the United States in the beautiful state of Ohio in order to maintain quality and support our industry. 

Are your bags biodegradable?

Currently Grove Bags are reusable but not biodegrade. We continually strive to reduce our carbon footprint across all aspects of the company and have a five year goal of replacing current components of our film structure with hemp-based plastics. Visit our sustainability page to learn more about our commitment to a greener planet and our five year goals. Check out our Sustainability By Design page.

How do I get the best results from my Grove Bags?

The biggest factor for getting the most out of your Grove Bag is to make sure your cannabis is properly dry and the inner moisture is both released and regulated. If you think the cannabis is too wet still burp it in the bag for 3-4 days. Once your cannabis is dry heat seal the bag and store it in a cool dark room for best results. There is no need to purchase a 2-way humidity packet or oxygen scrubber.

Are your bags odor proof?

Yes, all Grove Bags films have high barrier properties that provide superior discretion, keeping you compliant at all times.

When should you use a Grove Bag?

We recommend using our bags for curing to the point of consumption. TerpLoc® bags don’t need to be burped during the cure. Pressure will build up in the head space of the bag.

Our bags will also increase the shelf life of your cannabis. We have had some customers experiment with intentionally longer curing periods inside our bags.


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