We Put Our Bags To The Test

We wanted to prove that we are the best packaging option in the cannabis industry, so decided we let the data determine it and the facts speak for themself. Since the completion of the third party lab testing, we can now prove that our TerpLoc ™ packaging is the best in the business and creates the optimal cannabis climate.

Grove Bags vs Competitors

Our test was designed with using 1/8th oz of Blue Dream Cannabis and 11 different storage conditions (which we will refer to here as “treatments”), which includes the Terploc® ⅛ oz windowed pouch, Terploc® 1 oz windowed pouch, and eight other storage conditions commonly used for cannabis storage. These are listed as samples treatments 1-10. Treatment 11 is the original starting sample. Each treatment is composed of 3 separate samples, so the final values are an average. The test lasted 6 weeks for all of the conditions except treatment 11 as the data from this was taken at the start of the testing. At the conclusion of the 6 week study each container was opened and tests were run for potency and terpenoid levels for each treatment.

  1. Mason Jar + Salt-based 58% Humidity Pack
  2. Mason Jar + Salt-based 62% Humidity Pack
  3. Mason Jar + Silica-based 55% Humidity Pack
  4. Mason Jar + Silica-based 62% Humidity Pack
  5. Standard Mason jar
  6. Mylar Packaging
  1. Screw-top child proof container
  2. Pop-top container
  3. Grove Bags Ounce bag
  4. Grove Bags 1/8 bag
  5. Original Sample – Blue Dream
More terpenoids. More value.

Terpenoid Results

The Grove Bags 1 oz pouch had the highest overall terpene and cannabinoid retention, which was determined by comparing the totals for average terpenoids and average Max THC (Max THC= (THCa x .877) + THC). The levels of terpenes present were up to 36.72% higher and Max THC was up to 7.25% higher in the cannabis stored in the Grove Bags 1 oz pouch.

Grove Bags: Quality is in the potency.

Potency Results

These results show that the climate controlled environment created by Grove Bags TerpLoc™ technology successfully slowed the degradation of both terpenes and cannabinoids. Further, the testing results clearly reveal that an anti-static, low oxygen environment with a highly specific relative humidity range creates the ideal conditions to store cannabis for both short and extended periods of time.

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