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15 Mold-Resistant Strains of Cannabis

Bud rot is not just a nuisance for cannabis seed growers in wet conditions: just ask expert Jared Cox. It can also destroy a whole canopy when not detected soon enough. Once the gray hyphae of Botrytis cinerea claws onto one cannabis flower, it’s only a matter of time before you start seeing it everywhere. 

The key here is to catch it before it happens and “nip it in the bud” before more cannabis buds are affected. On some occasions, this can be a mean task, especially when the plants are subject to the erratic fluctuations of unpredictable outdoor elements, like excessively cold weather. But there’s always a way out; a mold-resistant weed strain can outdo bad weather and still give high yields in spite of prevailing circumstances.

mold resistant Landrace strains

Landrace Strains

Landrace strains are indigenous to certain regions of the world where they adapted to the climatic conditions in that place. When it comes to a marijuana strain and seed, most landrace strains are hardy and very resilient especially when subjected to trying conditions. These qualities make this type of plant an ideal breeding prospect for indoor growers and outdoor growers, offering natural help from cannabis seeds to full-grown plants. They’re also available as a feminized seed, which is imperative for growing. Mold-resistant cannabis strains include:

1. Thai Sativa

Thai Sativa is a landrace marijuana strain and seed that is hardy and takes rather long to grow. You may be waiting long into January for these cannabis seeds (which you can acquire from Barneys Farm) to harvest.

Fortunately, this marijuana strain is mold resistant and can do well in humid environments. If you are patient enough for the flowering time, this strain gives decent yield with large colas with above average resin production.

2. Afghan Kush

This Indica landrace strain and seed trace its roots back to the Hindu Kush Mountains from where it originated. Over time, Afghan Kush seeds have changed to make them even better adapted to diverse climatic conditions. Because it’s an Indica, this strain gives a heavy body hit that leaves users glued to the couch.

Growers like it because it is highly mold resistant and requires little TLC to thrive. Growers also like this Kush for its high resin content that results in potent buds.

3. Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a 100% Sativa landrace strain that traces its cannabis seed roots to South Africa where it once thrived when grown outdoors. Many good qualities make this strain favorable for most growers. Other than having mold resistance, this cultivar matures in a short time and manages to give decent yields. It has high resilience against elements of the weather and pests as well. Beginners will enjoy growing this strain.

4. Colombian Gold

Colombian Gold is a Sativa landrace strain and delicious seed that traces its roots back to the Santa Marta Mountains of Colombia. Originating from this mountainous region, this strain can weather through molds and pests while still giving high yields.

Mold Resistant Hybrid Strains

Cannabis hybrid strains come to life by breeding two or more cannabis strains, like Shining Silver Haze. Most hybrids will have a mix of Indica and Sativa genetics. Crossbreeding helps to create strong genetics by mixing favorable characteristics from different cultivars, resulting in pure hybrids and Sativa- or Indica-dominant hybrids. Here are several hybrid strains that are resistant to mold.

5. A.M.S

A.M.S is the acronym for anti-mold-strain. A beautiful seed, it is the result of crossbreeding Swiss Sativa and Swiss Indica dominant strains. The result is a strain and seed that is hardy, durable, and quite cerebral. This strain does extremely well in both indoor and outdoor conditions without much effort from the grower. It is especially loved for its mold-resistant seed properties that give growers peace of mind, especially during the critical flowering and storage periods.

6. Frisian Duck

This is a cross between Frisian Dew and the Australian Duck Foot. The result is a seed and strain that offers resistance to pathogens as well as molds and powdery mildew. This strain is often described as “an oddity” because of its appearance: the leaves have an odd shape and resemble the webbed feet of a duck.

The Frisian Duck seed is resistant to mold and mildew making it an easy strain for beginners. Mostly it does well in a sunny climate but can fight through the rain due to its mold-resistant properties.

7. 707 Truthband

This California strain and seed is legendary in many ways. It’s highly resinous, highly resilient to molds and pests, gives extremely high yields and packs a potent punch. Users consider it a mind-bender strain.

Truthband does well both indoors and outdoors. Being a native it takes longer to mature indoors, but the yields are usually on the high side.

8. Stress Killer Automatic

In recent years, cannabis ruderalis, which was once considered a wild strain of weed, has been used to create amazing hybrid strains such as Stress Killer Automatic. This strain is highly tolerant of high humidity levels and manages to keep molds and mildew at arm’s length.

As the name suggests, this strain is good for relaxation and subduing stress. Growers will love it because of its mold-resistant properties.

9. Royal Moby

Royal Moby is a choice strain for growers in high humidity regions. It thrives outdoors in a hot climate but can also do well in an indoor setting. It’s a strain with strong genetics, being a cross between the popular White Widow and Haze strains. It’s another strain that’s resistant to molds and mildew.

10. Strawberry Cough

Strawberry cough can handle high humidity levels and so does well in hot humid climates as well as rainy weather. It adapts to different climatic conditions quite easily making it attractive to most growers. It is also a flavorful strain that rewards users with a potent head buzz.

11. Grape Krush

With generous sprinkles of purple, Grape Krush is a beautiful sight to behold. The strain is also highly resinous; during flowering, the purple hues will be decorated resplendently with silvery-white sparkling trichomes. The parents of this hybrid strain are not known, but the breeder is suspected to be DJ Short.

This strain is resistant to molds and can do well in humid environments. If you are growing cannabis outdoors where the weather is erratic this may be the right strain to try.

12. The Purps

This is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain developed in Mendocino County, in Northern California. It’s another of the mythical purple weed varieties that are much sought after. The plants grow tall and may take longer to mature. However, the strain is highly potent and popular; it bagged the 2007 trophy for High Times Top Ten List. It’s a strain that’s easy to grow because it can adapt to fluctuations in humidity. It is highly resistant to molds

13. Northern Light

Somewhat comparable to Silver Haze and Super Silver Haze, this strain is an Indica cannabis plant that thrives as an outdoor strain in a cold climate and can reap a really high yield as autoflower seeds. These marijuana seeds are more resistant to mold formation, which is music to the ears of a cannabis grower. 

Typically seen as a big bud that a marijuana enthusiast gravitates towards, the Northern Light marijuana strain is great for mold resistance, therefore rendering it a great strain for long-term use and storage. 

14. Purple Kush

Purple Kush is similar to OG Kush, Hindu Kush, Bruce Banner, Auto Mazar, or Dutch Passion in its effects. Considered a classic Indica strain, it is powerfully relaxing and euphoric for marijuana consumers looking to unwind. 

This marijuana strain is also naturally resistant to powdery mildew, mold, and other pests that may interfere with its growth cycle and progress as a plant. It tends to thrive ideally as an indoor plant, as this climate and condition allows the strain to be better controlled when it comes. to humidity and temperature throughout the cycle.

It’s best known for its color – which is, surprise, surprise, purple – and its strongly earthy aroma, which marijuana plant enthusiasts are automatically drawn towards. It has strong Kush genetics, which makes it one of the most potent marijuana indicas available to plant lovers. 

15. Blue Dream

The Blue Dream plant is also similar to Silver Haze, along with Purple Haze, Candy Kush, Power Flower, or Moby Dick. A sativa-dominant marijuana plant, Blue Dream is a cross between Blueberry and Haze that is highly popular among seasoned consumers.

As for resistance to mold and mildew, it is a plant that is particularly lauded in this regard, which might also speak to its popularity. It has a highly successful yield as well – about 21 ounces of flower per plant, which is notably good. 

Take Aways

Alchimiaweb lists over 200 mold resistant cannabis strains that you can access through this link . When it comes to the cannabis plant, some strains will be hardier than the rest, but you should expect all these strains to have a decent degree of resistance to molds.

Cannabis mold and mildew can definitely be prevented, which is something you’ll want to have on your radar as a cultivator and consumer alike. It’s key to pay close attention to your plant’s progress during the vegetative stage, along with the last few weeks of flowering. 

Vegetative protection

During the vegetative stage, make sure you are keeping a close eye on humidity and temperature levels. Smaller grow space will limit airflow just as larger grow space will increase it, so make sure you’re adjusting as needed based on these details. 

The last few weeks of flowering is when cannabis plants are most sensitive and susceptible to mold and mildew development, and the larger and denser your leaves are, the more likely it is for them to be infiltrated by these harmful, unwelcome guests. Keep a close eye on the development of your plants at this stage, watching for signs of bud rot, unusual color, and other telltale signs of infection. 

Once you’ve reached the drying and curing stage, you’re not quite in the clear. It’s important to continue examining the quality and condition of your buds from start to finish. Never skip any steps, and always keep a close eye on progress to avoid these issues. 

mold resistant landrace strains

There are a few other measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of molds and mildew in your plant. This includes using Grove Bag liners that employ Terploc technology to prevent the spread of bud rot during curing and storage. Starting with strains that are resistant to molds is doing half the job. The other half rests in exercising vigilance to protect your buds once harvested.

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